Indulge in Creamy Perfection: Homemade Coffee Ice Cream Made Simple

Strong, full, smooth, and tasty... define coffee!

Cold, smooth, thick, and tasty……. define an ice cream!

What could be better than coffee and ice cream together? People all over the world love coffee, and coffee ice cream lets you enjoy the strong but smooth taste of coffee in a creamy, sweet, and cool dessert.

This now-classic ice cream shop treat was not always on the menu, though. People think that ice cream has been around since the second century BC, but coffee ice cream did not come out until the early 1900s. Even so, this treat with coffee did not become famous until many years later.

This sweet treat can be bought at most grocery stores and ice cream places, and you can also make it yourself, without wondering which coffee to use or what should be done exactly.

Do you like coffee and want to find a fun way to mix your two favorites? Do not look any further! We will show you how to make homemade coffee ice cream that is smooth and full of your favorite coffee taste in this article. This simple recipe will take your dessert game to a whole new level and will surely make your taste buds happy with the help of Roastea’s superpower coffee.

Let's Dig in!

Recipe 1: Coffee Ice Cream (The Healthy Version)

This treat is delicious, vegan, paleo-friendly, keto-friendly, and does not have any dairy. That is, this ice cream is a real crowd-pleaser that meets the needs of almost everyone, including those with a sweet tooth!

If you want this frozen treat to be easy to scoop, let it sit out at room temperature for about ten minutes before you serve it.

What is in it?

  • 1 and a half cups of strong brewed and cooled coffee made from Roastea’s superpower coffee- Vanilla or espresso flavor
  • 2 cans of full-fat coconut milk
  • ⅔ cup real maple syrup
  • Two teaspoons of real vanilla extract

How to make it?

  • Take the solid coconut cream out of each can of coconut milk and put it in a blender.
  • Put the cooled coffee, maple syrup, and vanilla extract, mix on high until it is smooth and creamy.
  • Put the mixture in a jar that can go in the freezer.
  • Then, freeze it for 4 to 6 hours, or until it sets. Have fun!

Recipe 2: Coffee Ice Cream (The easy version)

Want an easy, basic ice cream recipe that tastes great with coffee? We will take care of you!

This recipe does not call for churning or making use of any ice cream machine and only has 5 ingredients. It is sweet, creamy, and wonderful!

What is in it?

  • 30 grams of Roastea’s superpower coffee (Vanilla, Hazelnut or Caramel Flavored)
  • 1 can of condensed milk (sweetened)
  • One teaspoon of real vanilla extract
  • 1 small amount of sea salt
  • Two cups of thick cream

How to make it?

  • Put freshly brewed coffee without milk made from Roastea’s superpower coffee in a big bowl.
  • Then, add sweetened condensed milk, vanilla, and salt and mix them together using a whisk.
  • While you make the heavy whipped cream, put this mixture in the fridge to cool down.
  • To make hard peaks, put the heavy cream in a metal or glass bowl that has been chilled.
  • Mix the cooled coffee mixture slowly into the heavy cream that has been whipped until everything is well mixed. Watch out not to mix too much.
  • Put the mix in a pan (a bread cake pan works well) and cover it. Put it in the freezer for at least six hours, or until it is frozen.
  • The heavy cream that has been whipped should keep this recipe from getting too stiff when it's time to serve.
  • To make it easier to scoop, you should just run your ice cream scoop under warm water. Have fun!

Special note for this recipe

If you are looking for an indulgent treat in your coffee ice cream, a.k.a different flavors to try- We recommend the following flavors:

These flavored Roastea’s super power coffee can be your best bet for making an easy coffee ice-cream recipe with a tinge of other flavors in the same.

What is stopping you then?

With the help of our amazing coffee with an array of flavors, you can make a decadent coffee ice cream at your home with ease. The recipes mentioned above can be created without any hassle with the help of Roastea’s superpower coffee which has additional benefits like the presence of ayurvedic ingredients such as Gotu Kola, Bhrami and Ashwagandha.

So, folks, get creative and try these recipes at home now! 

Till then!

Happy ice cream chills, Our beloved readers!


1) How to make an easy coffee ice cream at home?

If you are looking to make an easy ice cream at home, all you have to do is follow the process written in this blog and make a scrumptious coffee ice cream at your convenience with the help of Roastea’s superpower coffee.

2) What flavors can I add in my coffee ice-cream?

Ice-cream craving for summer is unimaginable. If you are looking for putting some extra flavors in your coffee ice cream made at home, you can choose from the various options Roastea’s superpower coffee has to offer. However, we recommend Vanilla, Hazelnut or Caramel flavored coffee as per your liking.

3) Is freezing the homemade coffee ice-cream for a whole day okay?

Whilst making a homemade coffee ice-cream, it is necessary that it is freezed properly for the texture of the ice-cream to set. It is okay if you refrigerate your mixture for a whole day. All you have to do is follow the recipe mentioned above and enjoy your favorite meal without any hassle.

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