India’s first omni channel beverage brand that serves all types of beverages.

Our Story

Our story goes back to 2019 when twin brothers Anurag and Chaitanya who were practicing law always had a constant conflict in finding one go-to beverage brand as one loved coffee and the other loved tea.

There was not a single outlet or cafe chain in the country that was known for having a range of flagship beverages.

Even in their corporate life, the struggle continued as their chai and coffee breaks would never feel satisfying because the machine beverages didn't taste authentic.

The twins realised that it was not just them who was feeling this void but the whole country needed a revolution in terms of beverages.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

The two then decided to fill this gap by starting their own beverage company that served all the beverages equally impressive and hence the

“Lawyers turned Brewers”.

In 2018 if we had asked you,” Do you know any beverage brand that has an authentic filter coffee and amazing masala chai” then you wouldn't have an answer but, not anymore.

We Are
  • Innovative and Thoughtful:

    We are old school with our values and flavours but very ahead of our times when it comes to technology and ideas. With our thoughtful and consumer-friendly technology, we have revolutionized the way we consume our beverages.

  • Quality and Commitment:

    Dedicated to providing value and serving the best quality to our customers. The best flavours and aromas are extracted from the raw materials to serve you an authentic sip that feels like an experience in itself.

  • Affordable and Luxurious:

    We believe in serving people from all demographics and all walks of life and hence striking a balance between premium quality and affordable prices.


Roastea is born through a passion to serve a fulfilling cup to people from all walks of life. We are here for people who are searching for a sip of satisfaction in a cup of chai or a filter coffee with uncompromising quality of taste, a familiar and cosy vibe, and thoughtful technology.

Roastea - Beverages and beyond!