• Tulsi Pomegranate Green Tea - 25 Tea Bags
  • Tulsi Pomegranate Green Tea - 25 Tea Bags
  • Tulsi Pomegranate Green Tea - 25 Tea Bags
  • Tulsi Pomegranate Green Tea - 25 Tea Bags

Tulsi Pomegranate Green Tea - 25 Tea Bags

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  • No Added Colours and Preservatives 
  • Pure and Natural Ingredients
  • Ethically Sourced
  • Refreshing Taste

Tulsi Pomegranate Green Tea - 25 Tea Bags

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All About Roastea Tulsi Pomegranate Green Tea

Roastea Tulsi Pomegranate Green Tea is a mix of rich and juicy pomegranates and has the medicinal magic of Tulsi. This green tea is always a better option for those who crave a balance of taste and vital elements. It strengthens the overall immune system and acts as a perfect detox for your body.

Regular intake of Roastea Tulsi Pomegranate Green Tea can help reduce blood pressure levels and counter metabolic stress. The amalgamation of pomegranate and medicinal properties of tulsi makes this green tea the healthiest sip you can have.

Product Details

Green Tea
Tulsi Pomegranate
Intake Per Day
One a day

How to use Tulsi Pomegranate Green Tea

Pour boiling hot water in a cup

Infuse the tea bag for 3-4 mins

Carefully remove the tea bag

Enjoy your healthy sip

What's unique in our cup?

How's it Different

Normal Green Tea Roastea Tulsi Pomegranate Green Tea
Added preservatives No added preservatives
Affects gut health Promotes gut health
Bitter Taste Tasteful authentic flavours


To maintain freshness, store Tulsi Pomegranate Tea in an airtight container away from heat, light, and moisture.

Yes, Tulsi Pomegranate Tea is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Tulsi Pomegranate Tea has a sweet and tangy flavour with hints of pomegranate and a slightly spicy finish from Tulsi

Tulsi Pomegranate Tea has several potential health benefits, including supporting the immune system, reducing stress and anxiety, and promoting healthy digestion.

Additional Information :

  • Best Before: 18 Months
  • Manufactured/Packed / Marketed By: TCT Retail Pvt Ltd – 504 – 505, 5th Floor, South Tower, One42, Bopal Ahmedabad - 380058
  • Contact: 9825 23 25 23
  • Email: feedback@roastea.in
  • Mfg Lic No: 10721999000887
  • Country Of Origin: India

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Pavan Kumar Badveety
Excellent quality tea

Ive ordered 3 boxes of Tulsi Pomegranate after tasting the team in my office. Really loved it. Roastea, please keep making these...

Shreyas R

Smell is good but the taste is not up to the mark

Anurag Singh

Tulsi Pomegranate Green Tea - 25 Tea Bags


"Roastea Tulsi Pomegranate Green Tea has become a part of my daily routine. The tea has a great taste and I love the added health benefits of tulsi. I feel more relaxed and focused after drinking it. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a natural and healthy tea."