Green Tea and Meditation - Finding Zen in Every Sip

The current situation has radicalized mental health indescribably. Whatever we have faced in and post the COVID-19 era has given us multiple realizations on how our physical and mental health is important. That’s when people started to consume more green tea. A wave of death eventually made people realize the health benefits of green tea. But the real question is: Are we still fully aware of the literal benefits green tea has to offer? Why don’t we dig in and find out?

First: Let's burst a bubble!

While green tea has provided its benefits in weight management, it is not just about that! It tends to soothe you from a very chaotic day. Imagine this- You are a six-pack dabbed CXO-level employee with umpteen responsibilities, round-the-clock calls, and meetings as well as a personal life to maintain- where your family always needs your attention. You have maintained yourself well on a level that even if you eat absolute junk for a month- you will not gain literally.

Despite your being happy with your job life as well as your personal life- there comes a time when you just feel like bursting- but then you find your way to the kitchen, pull out a Tulsi Green Tea, your favourite book, and your corner. Suddenly, all the frustration, annoyance, or anger is depleted into a SERENE YOU!

That is what exactly GREEN TEA does!

It helps you calm down, and feel relaxed and peaceful. Consider it a warm bath! - Therapeutic and Serotonin soother with less effort and time wastage. The actual reason why green tea bags are also considered small packets of meditation is that they have the tendency to relax your muscles, help your metabolism, and put a nice smile on your face to start or end your day on a positive note!

Let’s dive a little deeper.

Green Tea bags might be small and all cutesy- but it has all the power to make you feel hero from zero in just one sip! Let's talk about the benefits it has to offer other than physical well-being. First and foremost, one of the major mental health benefits of green tea consists of “Protecting the Brain from Aging”. Research has established that green tea can help in reducing stress, and improve early cognitive issues which can lead to diseases like Alzheimer's.

Moreover, Japan has established through their research that six or more cups of Green Tea a week keeps you stress-free which in turn reduces heart-prone diseases. While we try to assess physical health as being more important- it’s the mental health that keeps the body up and running. And dear readers! Green tea tops the charts in improving our mental health.

Let's get Flavour-full!

While we can go on and on about how Green Tea and Meditation are true partners in crime! We also know how much certain people despise the taste of normal green tea. Don’t worry folks- Roastea has got you all covered!

By understanding the various Mental as well as Physical health benefits of green tea, we have come up with different flavours which help can tingle your taste buds as well as grace you with Zen! Every sip has a tantalizing aroma. That is right! Your serotonin will soothe with just the aroma our tea has to offer- and a sip of it- will open the gates to the “Mind Relaxing Chamber.”

Flavour-play combines benefits!

While weight management and metabolism boosters are a common trait in the variety of green teas, Roastea has to offer, below are some primary benefits every flavour concocts!

Honey Lemon Green Tea- Lemon is the 'Citrus King' whereas honey is a natural sweetener that doesn't raise sugar. Combining them improves digestion, lowers heart disease risk, and soothes coughs and colds.

Tulsi Green Tea Classic- Well! For “Tulsi”, we need not go further. Tulsi's refreshing taste and health benefits give you a mindful start to the day. Green tea with Tulsi reduces metabolism stress and is antioxidant-rich.

Tulsi Lemon Ginger Green Tea- Lemon and Tulsi have many health benefits, but ginger helps digestion and kills dangerous germs. Combining all three creates a powerful scent, lowers blood pressure, and boosts immunity. Happy Gut health—happy us!

Tulsi Pomegranate Green Tea: Think about the tingling pomegranate and zesty Tulsi—sounds unique? However, this combination has special benefits. This rich blend of tastes detoxifies and reduces stress, lowering blood pressure.

Tulsi Mulethi Green Tea- Mulethi is legendary for throat problems. Adding it to Tulsi boosts anti-ageing, throat comfort, digestion, and flavour.

Tulsi Ginger Green Tea- We won't bore you with Tulsi and Ginger's premium benefits! We've done that above, but merely the combination of these two components tastes yummy and improves skin health and soothes throat infections.

Healthy Ka-Wahh! Green Tea- The blend of intense tastes and aroma is too delectable to describe! All the components in our good Ka-Wahh green tea promote good hair and skin, serotonin, energy, and digestive health!

Finally- We are sure of One Thing!

Once you get the experience of Roastea’s Green Tea, you will only forget one thing- that is bursting unnecessarily on your surroundings and regretting it later.

Till then!

ZEN, our beloved readers!


  • How many cups of green tea I should drink daily?

It is highly advisable to drink at least 2 cups of green tea a day. The consumption of green tea helps in relaxing the tensed muscles of your body and helps you soothe and improve concentration.

  • Does green tea boost meditation?

Yes! Consuming green tea before meditation can help you calm down and improve your concentration capacity. As green tea is made with natural ingredients- it helps in elevating your serotonin, which helps you focus better. 

  • Which green tea flavours are best for meditation?

Generally, green tea in general helps in better meditation. However, we recommend trying honey lemon green tea or Tulsi green tea as they are likely to be the best for your meditation exercise.

  • What to avoid in green tea?

Green tea should not have preservatives, artificial flavours and sweeteners. The purpose of green tea is to improve your physical and mental health and not just come out as a drink! Roastea’s green tea is made with 100% natural ingredients without any preservations or artificial elements.

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