Experience Cafe-like Cold Brew at Your Home. Roastea's Niche Range of Superpower Coffee

Drinking coffee is like- Going on a perfect date which marks “Perfect” on your criteria list: ergo a Self-date. It can be in a café, restaurant, or at the confined corner of your house where you feel yourself. You always are your best version when in that one cozy corner of your space. The willingness to try something different clicks in your mind- and there you are experimenting with flavoured coffee. Now the real question pops up!

The what, how, when, and which. That’s right! While you want a cafe-style coffee at home and you don’t have one of those kidneys costing expensive coffee machines- these questions are bound to hover in your mind. And that is how you end up searching “how to make a cafe like coffee at home” and if you are a cold brew fan- Well! You might think that it is impossible to have that experience at home- even if you Zomato it. 


Here comes the SUPERPOWER- hero!

When you come to think of it- a cold brew coffee recipe is nothing but a perfect coffee powder brewed to perfection in cold water, rested overnight, or for 12 hours for an enhanced taste. You have the basic ingredients with you! All you need is the perfect coffee powder at your doorstep and your home will turn into your little café in no time. Now, where to source that magical bean that will bring a café like experience to your cozy casa?

The answer is Roastea’s range of Super Power Coffee. An instant coffee powder finely made with care by those who inhale, exhale, and live for coffee with various flavours to choose from. Beans exquisitely sourced from Ethiopia which are 100 percent premium arabica, is a boost to all your senses. As a doorstep salesman would enthusiastically yell- IT IS GLUTEN FREE with extra pressure of Gluten, IT IS 100 PERCENT VEGAN with extra pressure on 100% and IT IS PLANT POWERED COFFEE with extra pressure on- Well, everything! 

Now for the best part!

Roastea’s superpower coffee is not a One-Man Army. It comes in five scrumptious flavours, all suited for the best cold brew experience at your home. That’s where your knack for experimenting is also satisfied. YES! Flavoured coffee powder at your doorstep without any hassle to give you the perfect cold brew coffee at home. Additionally, the instant coffee powder is infused with Ayurvedic ingredients like ashwagandha, Bhrami, and Gotukola giving you the required energy and rigor in your routine life.

The” God-So-Good Flavours” and Different Recipes you can Experiment with!

We have created five heavenly flavoured coffees keeping in mind every taste bud:

The Classic “Vanilla”- With our vanilla flavored coffee, you can make a cafe like Vanilla Iced Latte at home. 


Step 1 -Take 1 or 2 tablespoons of the Roastea Vanilla Super Power Instant Coffee 

Step 2 - Take some water, froth it, 

Step 3 - Add some milk and ice

Step 4 - Voila- your nice rich iced vanilla latte is ready! You can add some sugar if you like it extra sweet!

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The OG “Espresso”- A coffee that needs absolutely no introduction. With this, you can make that Pintresty “Spanish Iced Latte” at home. 

Step - Takes is Roastea Espresso Super Power Instant Coffee

Step 2- Combine with 2 tablespoons of condensed milk 

Step 3 Add some ice and mix it.

Step 4- Pour the milk afterward to give it a dramatic look 

Step 5-  ENJOY!

The Nutty “Hazelnut”- You don’t have to just sit and imagine, you can definitely make a cafe like Hazelnut Mocha Coffee at your home with our Hazelnut Super power Instant coffee. 

Step 1 -Add 2 tablespoons of Roastea Super Power Hazelnut Instant Coffee 

Step 2 - Add 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder, milk and ice, 

Step 3 - Optional top it with whipped cream and some crushed hazelnuts! That’s it- Explosion in your taste buds is guaranteed.

The Sweet “Caramel”- Believe us- It will only take 1 good minute to make a Cafe like Caramel Iced Latte at your home. 3 ingredients and bamm! 

Step 1 - Take 2 tablespoons of  Caramel Super power Instant Coffee with

Step 2 - Add ice and milk and mix it well. 

Step 3 - Enjoy The taste that will give you an Oh-so-good feeling.

The Naughty “Chocolate Orange”- Making a Chocolate Orange Mocha without any separate ingredients is the biggest pro you can have with our Chocolate orange superpower coffee. 

Step 1 - Add 2 tablespoons of the Chocolate Orange Super Power Instant Coffee.

Step 2- Add skimmed milk, ice it a little 

Step 3- You can decorate your glass with chocolate syrup- Pour it! And let your senses dance while you enjoy the recipe.

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Hitting the right “Spot”

We know that there are several coffee powders out there, and even different flavoured coffees out there. But as the great Sherlock Homles said- It is what It is. Not every instant coffee powder can give you a café-like coffee experience in your comfort space. The Ayurvedic ingredients make our coffee India’s only coffee powder to have the same providing a relaxing and energetic experience.

Why don’t you visit our official online store and buy Roastea’s superpower coffee now? - We are thrilled to announce that now you can buy one superpower coffee jar for Rs. 299/- and buy two jars for Rs. 499/- only.

What are you waiting for?- Grab them now!

Till then!

SuperPower Energy to you- Our beloved readers!


1) Which coffee powder is best?

Roastea’s superpower coffee is your best pick, because they are finely grinded granules that easily dissolve in the water, has ayurvedic ingredients like ashwagandha, Brahmi, and Gotukola, and is 100% premium arabica sourced from Ethiopia.

2) Where to store coffee powder?

After opening the Roastea’s superpower coffee’s sleek packaging, all you have to do is get your daily coffee boost and store it in a cool or dry place. You don’t need to worry about it hardening like usual coffee powders.

3) How does coffee powder help in skin whitening?

Generally, coffee powders are considered as the best agent for skin whitening. One such benefit comes from consuming Roastea’s superpower coffee. It boosts your immunity and intensifies workouts which in turn helps in detoxifying your skin from unnecessary dirt.

4) Where to buy the best coffee powder online?

If you are looking to buy the best coffee powder, look no further. You can visit Roastea’s official online store and get your superpower coffees at your doorstep for a café style coffee experience at your home. We have five yummy flavours for you to pick from.

5) Why does coffee powder become hard?

If you keep the coffee powder unused for months, it starts to harden. But that is not the case with Roastea’s superpower coffee. Our 60-gram jar is delicious enough to make you order more and more.

Giving you Super Powers

Choosing your favourite flavour is one of them.
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    Vanilla Super Power Instant Coffee (60grams)

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    Caramel Super Power Instant Coffee (60grams)

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